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Our goal is to train and educate teachers, administrators, counselors, students, parents and other school staff in the prevention of suicide, bullying, substance abuse, dating violence, discrimination (race, religion, gender, national origin, disability) and other counseling related topics. Multiple platforms such as video, blogs, podcasts, webinars, music, and live engagements will be utilized to deliver educational and uniquely entertaining content.

Our mission is to help create schools where students feel
capable, cared for and connected
—James Caldwell



Coping with Painful Emotions

The lesson will focus on expressing and managing painful emotions such as anger and hurt in a healthy way. As viewers sit in on a class discussion, they will hear students discussing 1) why some people have a difficult time handling their emotions and 2) ineffective and effective coping strategies.


Free Class Lesson Download and Streaming

We are currently offering 2 FREE Class Lessons. These lessons are typically obtained as a supplement to our Online Staff Bullying Prevention Training or separately, as a yearly subscription.

Bullying Prevention Training

We’re proud to introduce the first module in our online professional development series titled “Bullying Specifics: Beyond Compliance." All states have some form of bullying prevention legislation and policies in place. Although there are a few variations within each state, the key components of their programs are the same. One of these key components is the requirement for annual staff training.

Please view the video below for an overview of our Bullying Prevention Training. If you would like to take the full training please go to our contact page and send us your information.

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