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Staff Discussion Lessons

The main purpose behind Staff Discussion Activities is to keep prevention efforts on the minds of your staff throughout the school year. At the beginning of school, teachers go through various mandated trainings where everyone is reminded of what they should be doing in response to topics like drug, bullying and suicide prevention. Unfortunately, for many schools, this beginning of the year training might be the only training their school receives on this topic for the remainder of the school year. Over time, staff members begin to forget what they learned in that initial training. An easy way to combat this issue is by using monthly “Staff Discussion Lessons”. These 10-15 minute activities are ideal to use with small groups (recommended 4-6 members) during a faculty meeting. They are like “mini refresher courses”.

Note: If you’re a school using the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, these Staff Discussion and Class Meeting lessons would be ideal to use for your monthly “Staff Discussion Groups” and “Classroom Meetings”.

These lessons are included in our Bullying Prevention Training or your district can subscribe to them seperately for a minimal annual fee. You will receive a staff and class discussion lesson monthly September – May.

Free Class Lesson Download and Streaming

We are currently offering 2 FREE Class Lessons. These lessons are typically obtained as a supplement to our Online Staff Bullying Prevention Training or separately, as a yearly subscription.

The Difference Between Reporting and Tattling (k-3)

Goal of the Lesson – To help students understand the difference between reporting and tattling.

Coping With Exclusion

Exclusion, or ostracizing, would be when one or more students would intentionally exclude someone from an activity or being part of a group. For example, a group of girls not letting a particular girl sit at their lunch table.

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Staff Discussion 1

Disability Harassment: “Am I Responding Appropriately?”

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Staff Discussion 2

Feeling Overwhelmed

Class Lessons

Each month you will receive a new “Class Lesson” on various topics related to school safety, stress management and overall emotional well-being. These easy to implement activities, designed to last from 15-30 minutes, are ideal for counselors to use for classroom guidance activities or for teachers to use in the classroom. They were actually designed to use for weekly “Classroom Meetings”.

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Class Lesson 1

How to Train Your Brain to Become More Positive

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Class Lesson 2

Healthy Dating Relationships


The concept of “Class Meetings” in schools is not a new idea. The idea arose from the practice of “Restorative Justice” and today it is a prominent aspect of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The benefits of class meetings are to:

  • Give students a voice by allowing students to speak their mind and learn from each other. Students are allowed to have a “say so” in what goes on at their campus.

  • Build class cohesion and connectedness

  • Establish communication among all members of your class and improve peer relationships

  • Assist students in learning ways to help themselves and each other

  • Offer another avenue of sharing topics such as drug prevention, suicide prevention, peer mistreatment/bullying and sexual harassment/healthy relationships that many schools we are required to address with students and staff on a yearly basis.

  • Note: Giving this information is not the only focus; instead, allowing ample time for students to share feelings and opinions, assess options and suggest solutions as they learn how to interact as a community and develop a healthy school environment.

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