Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention



James Caldwell, M. Ed., LPC, has developed an online Bullying Prevention training module appropriate for all school staff titled “Bullying Specifics”. This informative, yet entertaining, training is delivered through a mix of live audience interaction, scenarios, music, personal anecdotes and comedy. When you order “Bullying Specifics”, you’ll also receive our second module titled “Building a Positive School Climate” at no extra charge.

Module 1 - Building a Positive School Climate
The goal of this first module is to help teachers and staff understand “why” this topic is important and how their personal views on bullying prevention will determine how well bullying prevention is accomplished in their school. It’s about building a positive, accepting, tolerant school atmosphere.
Learners will be challenged to look within themselves and ask, “Where am I?" Are you a teacher who believes “kids will be kids and there’s nothing we can do about bullying” or do you think “it’s deviant, destructive and wrong.”
In this module your staff will learn:

  • Where bullying occurs
  • Percentage of students involved
  • Prevalence on Intervention
  • The bullying blind spot
  • Effects of bullying
  • Examine where you are
  • How your beliefs affect how you intervene
  • How bullying relates to past cases of discrimination
  • Why some students can’t just “get over it”
    Strategies to build a positive school environment.
Module 2 - Bullying Specifics A and B
This two part module will provide your staff an in depth look at bullying prevention
  • What is Bullying
    1. Definitions
    2. Difference between Conflict and Bullying
    3. Scenarios
    4. Types of Bullying
  • Signs someone is being bullied
  • Bullying Cast of Characters
    1. Bully
    2. Bullied (those at high risk)
    3. Bystander
  • Reporting vs. Tattling
  • Rules and Consequences
    What to do when you observe it

What’s Different About Our Training Modules?

When taking online professional development courses, one of the main things you hear staff complain about is “how boring” the training is. This is not the case with our training. As mentioned earlier, we use a mix of music, humor and live student interaction to convey the information. Our training also goes much deeper than your typical “compliance” training. We like to say it goes “beyond compliance."

Free Ongoing Training

In addition to our online training modules, and at no extra charge, you’ll receive monthly lessons for staff and students on various topics related to bullying prevention and building a positive school climate. These lessons are a great resource for keeping the bullying prevention initiative on the mind of your staff throughout the school year. For more information about our monthly lessons, click here.

How does the training process work?

1. Your district will send us an Ecxel file of all the teachers and administrators you would like to take the training.
2. Each individual will be sent a user name and password (email address and password.)
3. They can take the training on their computer, ipad, smart phone, etc 24/7
4. During the training, there will be periodic quizzes
5. Once the staff member has completed the training, verification will be sent to ______________.

If you or staff member would like to take the full training please go to our contact page and send us your information.

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